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    Caterers – How to Attract People to Your Food Booth


    Food booths are seen during the festivities. If we take a look similar goods are displayed and even the prices are the same. So how can we add something up to attract attention and stand out from the rest of the competition? Follow these steps for a fruitful food booth event.

    1. Attend the Food Booth Seminar

    Attending the seminar will let you know the do’s and don’t of the event. You will know from the organizers all the necessary things. You will have also the opportunity to ask questions if you need to clarify something about the booth policy.

    1. Sign up Early

    Competition is everywhere so better yet to be the early bird to get the most convenient location to rent the booth. In signing up early, you will have the privilege of getting the best setup possible. Look for main the main entrance and the is where the perfect spot. You should always be the first booth to increase the possibility of a sale.


    1. Attractive Booth Decoration

    Bright colors will be the best way to do it. If the event is at night the lighting will do the trick. If the customers or guests are already in your booth you could offer them what you sell. A good example is a mascot. It gets attention from people especially if you can arrange a short performance number. You can add table skirting with colorful cloth to enhance the table arrangement. Catering Expert surely is your best references when it come to event decoration.

    1. Sound System

    The louder the sound is the more the customers are attracted. Just make sure that it is not a nuisance already because they may tend to leave if the sound becomes annoying.

    1. Associate Food Variety to the Event Title

    Food presentation is a major plus point to your booth. When people get invited or know about the event, their interest is already in the title and they have a certain expectation of what to get. As a food booth owner your role is to provide the expectation or exceed it if you can.


    1. Combo or Freebies

    For cost conscious people they tend to check this very carefully. Use it to your advantage. Offer something to entice them to buy more from you. The logic is used as a marketing strategy in several businesses and the outcome is often good. Buyers normally try to get the freebie not realizing that they bought more than they intend to buy.

    1. Offer Eat All You Can Option

    Put it in bold letters and offer it in your booth. Think about how much can a regular person eats and estimate the cost. It is a bit risky but would surely create curiosity and add up traffic from your customers. It will further be noticeable to others and will give you more sales. One example is an eat all you can ice cream booth. The cost is a bit higher but it will be noticeable for ice cream lovers.

    1. Event Related Games

    One example is beer drinking match. A free dish for the winner will be the prize. Be creative and relate it to your food booth.

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